The walkabout is the embodiment of many meanings… It is a personal journey of reflection and learning (in the tradition of the Aborigines).  It can be the opportunity to make a spiritual connection.  It is an exploration of the mysteries that surround us.  It can be a statement of resistance to the powers of conformity and the mundane.  A walkabout is both a physical journey and a spiritual one.

My camera is my companion on my walkabouts.  Through environmental portraits (people in the context and surroundings that convey their interests, relationships, jobs or passions), landscapes, and scenes of everyday life, I seek to make a mindful connection with the world, filled with passion, joy, intimacy, humor and wonder.  Through my photographs, I want to share that vision and energy with you, touch the lives of my subjects and my audience, and have all of us savor the fervor and energy of drinking life to the lees.  My challenge is to capture a feeling, to tell the three-dimensional story of a person or a place or a mood, when my tools are two-dimensional and I only have 1/60th, or 1/125th of a second.

I hope that my photographs stir you and make you feel the passion in my subjects and the energy and beauty that live within us and touch us daily.  Look at my photographs.  And then look at the world a little differently.
Through these photographs, I invite you to join me on my walkabout.


<strong>A little history...</strong>

My photos have hung in museums and galleries, run on the AP’s A-wire, and appeared in hundreds of newspapers and magazines around the world.  Some hang on the walls of homes and offices.  Some are probably stuffed in shoeboxes in the bottom of closets.
I started my photographic journey in 1967 with a Nikon Photomic T (wow, do I miss that camera!), Plus-X and Tri-X film, and a darkroom in the basement of my parents’ home.  I still shoot with Nikons, but now they are digital.  And cost a lot more.  The darkroom is gone, replaced by computers and an awesome Epson 7800 printer.  I’m also a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals.

Comments are (almost) always welcome!

Thank you for joining me on my walkabouts.  

Please share your thoughts and reactions to my photos.

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